Construction Services

With experience comes familiarity, success.

No matter how simple or complex a project is, chances are we have built it. With deep experience building a diverse portfolio of projects, you’ll benefit from what we’ve seen. What we’ve done. And how we can apply that to your project to add more value. Whether local or national, you’ll get an industry leader in construction management that gets it, does it, and delivers it to the point you can always count on it. From project to project.

Interested in Construction Services?

Construction Management: Building value.

On schedule and on budget. That’s the bare minimum for any construction company. Hiring Conlon as your construction manager and partner is about the addition of value. No matter the project delivery method you choose, our early involvement gives us the ability to recommend methods and materials that lead to lower costs and provide better value overall. Because we always have your best interest in mind, our expert project managers and superintendents will be your eyes and ears on the site. Helping troubleshoot issues and keep subs and suppliers on track. We also have experience with many specialty projects including hospitals, museum quality aquariums, swimming pools, football stadiums, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and casinos. So, regardless of what you need built we know the process and where the opportunities are to add value. Because at the end of the day, the project you receive has the chance to be more than the one you envisioned.

General Contracting & Self-Performed Trades: Time saved, value added.

With Conlon’s team of experienced, cross-trained field professionals, we have the ability to self- perform demolition, complex concrete work, steel erection, rough carpentry, finish carpentry, and specialty installations. Why is that key for you? Having a construction manager that can also do the work saves time through efficient scheduling, flexibility, and phasing. In addition, our talented and skilled team of craft workers provide greater quality control over the finished product. Their efficient methods and experience working as a team guarantees innovative problem-solving and faster results. Our philosophy is, why just build a building when you can create a masterpiece.

National Construction Management: Like it’s local.

Conlon Construction has managed projects all across the country for over 40 years. We know every corner and every region as if we were headquartered there. With dozens of state licenses and experienced superintendents who travel for a living, we have the ability to conduct multi-site, multi-state new builds or total remodels for anyone. Having spent decades on the road, we are well known to local subcontractors and suppliers, making it easy to plan, add value, and complete a project whether it’s in downtown Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, Southern Florida, the Northeast or anywhere in between. Along with our traveling fixture crews, we have completed more than 5,000 projects nationwide for companies such as Target Corporation, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Nordstrom, and Best Buy. All with the same commitment to the Conlon process and work ethic our clients have come to rely on, year after year. Learn more about our nationwide services.

Service excellence is an ingrained habit

When I am privileged to work with Conlon Construction, things are different. Service excellence is an ingrained habit with Conlon, and they demonstrate it daily.  

– Dwight Duckstein, UnityPoint Health