National Construction & Fixture Installation

For over 40 years, Conlon has traveled across the country building new stores and distribution centers, managing major remodel and brand refresh projects, and updating interior fixtures. We have hit bullseyes for Target Corporation since 1979 and continue to do so, year after year. When we set our sights on your program goals, you can count on us to stay on the straight and narrow and get you to your mark on time, every time.

Interested in National Construction and Fixture Installation?

National Retail Construction

If you are looking for experienced project managers and on-site superintendents for your program roll-out, look no further than Conlon. The decades of experience our national team brings to estimating, planning, and executing projects while keeping you open for business is a testament to their dedication and resourcefulness. And with so many years on the road, Conlon is well known to local subcontractors and suppliers, which makes us your local contractor whether your projects are in downtown Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington, or Pensacola, Florida.

Our national construction team has also completed remote campus learning centers, office buildings, retail bank branches, and warehouse projects. If your business is looking to expand its footprint, Conlon can help get your building up and your business running at top capacity quickly and seamlessly, no matter where you want to go.

National Fixture Installation

To complement Conlon’s national construction teams, we created our fixturing department to help put the finishing touches on retail and restaurant interiors. Working around the clock, our fixture crews work with one goal in mind: quick turn-around and minimal disruption. Being on the road for more than two decades and completing work for dozens of national companies has made our fixture department adept at organizing and executing projects all over the country.

Whether your warehouses need pallet racking, your check-out lanes need updating, or your stores need a total reset, Conlon’s fixture crews will work with your employees, vendors, and contractors to get you back in business and delighting your customers in no time. If you have one large project, or multiple projects across the country, we have the dedicated resources who can estimate, schedule, and mobilize quickly.

If you would like more information on Conlon’s national construction or fixture installation abilities, or would like to request an estimate, contact us today.

Work completed in all 50 states

Conlon has been working nationally for 43 years

New big-box stores constructed and fixtured

Big-box stores remodeled and fixtured

Conlon has partnered with some of the most recognized retail companies all over the country.

A few of our partners

Top-notch fixture contractor

This is one of, if not the, best fixture contractors I’ve worked with. Supervision was thorough, did what needed to be done, took initiative, and ran a clean project. Top-notch fixture contractor.


– Brian Helminski, Target OSR