Post Construction Services

The end is just the beginning.

Your project doesn’t end once construction is complete. It’s a new beginning. Filling the space and optimizing the environment’s performance for tenants, visitors, and shoppers is critical to maximizing your investment. To do so, we’ll map out and implement a post construction plan. Including maintenance schedules to ensure proper functioning of your systems, and strategies to re-purpose your environment for continual appeal and performance. With extensive experience in retail fixtures, workspace furnishings, restoration, remodeling, and maintenance, Conlon is truly a one-stop-shop for elevating the value of your built environment.

Interested in Post Construction Services?

National Fixture & Furniture Installation: Renew. Refresh. Repurpose.

Conlon’s Fixture and Furniture installation teams specialize in working within occupied environments with minimal disruption. They are available to staff projects around the clock according to the schedule that best fits your business. With decades of experience in mobilizing remote teams across the country, our Fixture division is well-versed in working with business team leaders, vendors, and subcontractors to seamlessly get you back in business quickly. Whether you have one large project or multiple projects across the country, we have the dedicated resources and experts who can estimate, schedule, and mobilize swiftly. Learn more about our nationwide services.

Building Maintenance: Operate with Confidence.

Intimate knowledge of your building’s construct provides the edge for effective, cost-efficient maintenance. That’s why Conlon offers full building maintenance services to help you manage your facility. Our maintenance managers have the experience and know-how to ensure your facility is operating at peak performance year-round. Making Conlon’s maintenance management team a valuable part of your business operation.

Historic Preservation: Protecting the future.

Restoring a building to its former glory or thoughtfully re-purposing a building through renovation and remodeling takes more than experience. It takes passion. A reverence for the history. And dedication to the craft. To us, executing an often-delicate project means understanding it is one in the first place. Which is why Conlon has worked with building owners and preservationists throughout our history to not only ensure a structure is treated properly, but that the work does not deviate from the building’s original aesthetics. Our attention to detail, thoughtful consideration of proper function, and unique approach to problem solving has put us on the forefront of preservation and renovation. After all, we know buildings and know it’s an honor to keep what makes them special alive for generations to come.

Top-notch fixture contractor

This is one of, if not the, best fixture contractors I’ve worked with. Supervision was thorough, did what needed to be done, took initiative, and ran a clean project. Top-notch fixture contractor.


– Brian Helminski, Target OSR