Pre-Construction Planning Services

When Conlon becomes your partner, we make sure collaboration between all parties begins at once and remains strong throughout the project. Everyone is united in staying focused, reaching shared milestones, and keeping schedules moving forward. Conlon is committed to finding ways to add value to your project from the beginning.

Interested in Pre-Construction Planning Services?

Consultation & Feasibility

Conlon Construction’s building experts can help you determine exactly what is possible for your project. From site selection to constructability, we know what it takes to help your project get off to a good start. We can assist with site location selection and evaluation to determine feasibility of construction, and pre-existing building condition evaluation to determine how best to plan for adaptive reuse through modification and remodeling. We can work with your existing team of experts or help you hire engineers and architects that will work with us to ensure what you envision can be done and will be done right. Our goal is to help you eliminate surprises before construction starts and help you plot a course of your project that is reasonable, feasible, and sustainable.

Estimating & Budget Development

What’s it going to cost and how long will it take? Our estimating team and project managers have decades of experience to help you determine a realistic budget and a schedule that fits your expectations. With thorough estimating and value engineering, you can rest assured that the best products, the best prices, and the best people are being utilized to keep cost down and outcomes more predictable.

Whether you have hired an architect or just have a sketch on a napkin, chances are we have built something similar,and we have benchmarking data that will help predict cost and schedule. It doesn’t hurt that our industry partners and suppliers all over the country enjoy working with Conlon. This is important because you are going to get honest pricing and no game-playing. Construction can be expensive, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your peace of mind knowing that you got the best value for your money.

Total Project Management

Incorporating the Design-Build project management delivery system, Conlon Construction’s Total Project Management service offers the simplicity of a single point of responsibility with only one contract for you to manage. With Total Project Management, we can help you select an optimal sight, find and hire a designer with the experience that is right for your project, and then work with them as a team from the start. This allows for greater collaboration, shared responsibility, effective problem solving, and better cost and time control.

When the builder is involved from the get-go, construction methods and materials can be discussed during the design phase leading to efficiencies that might not otherwise be realized until much later in the process. Conlon’s professional builders can execute the construction process early, hire and manage all subcontractors and suppliers, and assist in close-out and commissioning. Overall, the Total Project Management experience affords you the simplest and most convenient way to see your project come to fruition.

Professional Approach

Your professional approach and commitment to our project from the design phase through completion was one of the major reasons for the successful and smooth flow of the entire project.


– Robert Placido, Target Corporation