Retail Fixturing

Maximized Efficiency, Minimal Disruption.

Conlon Construction Retail Fixturing Target
Inside photo of target
Conlon Construction team photo inside of target

The most efficient fixture installation with the least disruption possible.

Providing national retailers the ability to quickly remodel and upgrade seamlessly and consistently.

CONLON has over 25 years of national retail fixturing experience.

Build with confidence.

Our Retail Fixturing Process

Built for function.


Estimate Project Scope

Analyze the project’s requirements, the available resources, the constraints, and the final deliverables.


Scheduling Installation

Optimize installation for the quickest turn-around with a small footprint in both new and occupied spaces.


Mobilize Retail Fixturing Team

Experienced fixture crews equip the space efficiently and around the clock with minimal disruption.

Our retail fixturing partners include

Future Forward. Conlon.