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Early collaboration in the construction process creates more efficiencies and fewer changes.

Preconstruction problem-solving and expert innovation ensure a seamless building process.

Collaboration between Design and Construction teams from the start fosters better understanding of the Owner's needs and goals.

Build with confidence.

Organizational Structure

The Design-Build Contractual Relationship

    How Design-Build Works:
  • Owner hires a Contractor or Design-Build team for the project.
  • The Design-Build team is fully responsible to the Owner for the delivery of the project.
  • Typically at some point (as early as possible) in the process a GMP is established.
  • Communication for the project flows through the Contractor or Design-Build team to the Owner.
Our Approach

Design-Build Project Phases.


Expert Team Selection

Choosing and working collaboratively with the right architect, engineer, and other subcontractors for your construction project.


Project Planning

Developing preliminary drawings, cost analyses, and schedules and identifying potential problems to plan the budget and construction accordingly.


Design Phase

Key project team members come together to form a design that balances all needs with consideration for functional, mechanical, and aesthetic preferences.


Establishing a GMP

Guaranteeing a precise and defined cost for the project by assessing multiple bids for each trade package.


Construction Phase

Minimal change orders and heavy collaboration help keep costs in line with the budget and schedule during the building process.


Project Completion

Post construction deliverables such as walk-throughs, instructional videos, hands-on training and core documentation are passed to the project Owner.

Establishing a GMP

Guaranteed Maximum Price Allows for a Focused Approach to Construction Projects.

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